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MIC HAIR COMPANY - Company in Hà Nội  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
    MIC HAIR COMPANY - Company in Hà Nội  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
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    MIC HAIR COMPANY, Hà Nội Nhà sản xuất

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    Сompany address: Hà Nội , Việt Nam
    8th Floor Hapulico Center Building, 01 Nguyen Huy Tuong street, Thanh Xuan dist
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    Company website: https://michair.all.biz

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    Mic Hair company is one of the top companies of Viet Nam which specializes in trading in natural raw hair of Asiatic Human with many countries in the world. Having experience years of hair business and research, our company can understand fathom the demands and expectations of customers. Besides, our hair products are prestigious and high quality ones with new hair being cut directly from velvety tresses of women, without undergoing dyed process or soaking in chemical substance. Furthermore, these hair products are 100% of Vietnamese which bring striking features of the oriental such as soft, smooth and burnished hair. By dint of these features and nature, customer absolutely can feel secure about using our hair products for different purposes. During the 10 years of operating, our company always try our best to bring consumption satisfaction for user, built a brand name for ourselves and a solid position in the international market with major partners come from many countries such as Germany, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil, and so on^Last but not least, price of our products are very suitable and have fairly high competition with other companies. The following are some details about our products: - 100% pure human hair. No chemical, no dyed. - Soft, brilliant and straight - Unprocessed, without nits , no lice or harmful insect - Lengths of hair: from 10 inch to 42 inch - 2 Colors for option : Black and Dark brown Please contact with us directly to receive the best reception and price for your offer I am looking forward to hearing from you, and if you are not interest in, please don't worry you can keep my contact information, once you need it please contact me. Hope to hear from you soon.

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