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VIETNAM REMY HAIR CO., LTD - Company in Hà Nội  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
    VIETNAM REMY HAIR CO., LTD - Company in Hà Nội  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
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    VIETNAM REMY HAIR CO., LTD, Hà Nội Nhà sản xuất

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    Сompany address: Hà Nội , Việt Nam
    No.4, HaiBoi Village, Haiboi commune, Donganh district
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    Company website: https://hair68.all.biz

    Về doanh nghiệp VIETNAM REMY HAIR CO., LTD

    VIETNAM REMY HAIR CO.,LTD is one big supplier human hair in Vietnam. Through the years we've managed to create one of the most famous brands in our country and now we are glad to share our products online with you. We supply all kind of raw hair such as Original,Thin and Grey hair with diversified style: Straight, Wavy or Curly   All our products is natural human hair (no dyed, no chemical, unprocessed) which collected by our collector team all the Vietnam countryside.   WHAT WILL YOU HAVE WHEN YOU COME TO US ? 1 - High quality : 100% Vietnam remy hair  2 - Reasonable price : Competitive price 3 - Good service : We guarantee about our products 4 - Diversified products:        * Hair color: Natural color (Black, Brown, Grey)       * Features:                        - 100% real hair, remy hair                        - Top grade. No dyed, no chemical, no shedding, unprocessed, tangle free       * Available Length: 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 32”       * Weight : 30 - 100 gr/bundle       * Style : Straight, Wavy, Curly (all is natural)       * Textile: Thin or thick grain; silk, soft, shinning or coarse   Not only we concentrate on quality which reach to customer's requirements and WE DON'T SELL NON-REMY HAIR but also we alway issue reasonable price for our products.

    Hồ sơ công ty

    KiểuSản xuất, Thương mại, Xuất khẩu
    Năm thành lập1989
    Nhân viêntừ 10 trước 50
    Vốn điều lệtrước 1 mil USD
    Xuất khẩutrước 100 %
    Thi trườngAfrica, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, East Asia, East Europe, Middle East, North America, Northern Europe, Oceania, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, Western Europe
    Doanh số bán hàng trong nămtrước 1 mil USD
    Khối lượng mua trong nămtrước 1 mil USD
    Sản Xuất
    NướcViệt Nam
    TỉnhHà Nội
    Thành phốHà Nội
    Kích cỡ sản xuấttrước 5000 mét vuông
    Số lượng dây chuyền sản xuất 10
    Kiểm soát chất lượng2

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